Jefferies Business Jet Survey Report

Jefferies Group LLC, a 50+ year-old global banking firm which is headquartered on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, recently surveyed my segment of the Business & General Aviation Industry – ‘Jet Brokers.’ And as a result, they published their report, titled: Aerospace & Defense Electronics Jefferies Business Jet Survey: Moving in the Right Direction, dated July 11, 2017 (see the download link below.)

In total 68 of us (‘Jet Brokers’…not JetBrokers, Inc.) were survey responders. The analyst’s at Jefferies who created both the survey, and report are: Howard Rubel:, Sheila Kahyaoglu:, and Greg Konrad:

Here is a quick thumbnail of the survey results, but please read the entire report for full insight…

Gulfstream is called out in the report, as having the highest appeal of all of the OEM’s.

The Citation XLS, Challenger 300/350, and Gulfstream G550 had the highest favorability ratings.

The Hawker 800/900 Series has the lowest demand rating, and is therefore the toughest to sell. Behind these, is the Falcon 7X, Hawker 4000, and then the Challenger 600.

The region with the most improved market dynamics was North America. Behind this was Asia, and then equally Latin America, and Europe together.

Average Discount versus List for a New Jet has improved in favor of the OEM’s. I.e… The difference between ‘new’ versus ‘used’ jet prices are up-to, and in some cases above 20%. This is an improvement from late 2016, when prices were up-to 34% in that period. According to the survey respondents, Bombardier is the biggest discounter, especially on their Global 5000/6000, and Learjets 40/60/75.

Download the Report Here:INDUSTRY 2017-07-11 Biz Jet Survey

I wish to thank Sheila Kahyaoglu at Jefferies, for obtaining, and providing me with permission to republish this survey report.

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