Traveling Again 🛫

So less than a week ago I got home from a trip to Star Peru Airlines in Lima, to conduct a pre-purchase survey; I’m writing this seated in the Delta Skyclub awaiting my flight to Paris.

To say that I have never been this busy, travel wise would absolutely be telling the truth. On reflection, I have been to Europe five times so far in 2016, prior to this trip, along with two separate trips to the Middle East (Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia), trips to Canada, and Toluca, Mexico, + numerous R/T’s KSTL-KLAX (mostly ‘red eyes’), and points around the rest of the USA.

During all of this, the aircraft that were subjects of attention at each destination include: Lear 35A, Astra SPX, Citation 650, Westwind II, Gulfstream V, Global Express, BAe 146, and an Airbus.Phew! It’s been a work whirlwind!

Forgive me for this indulgent reflection, but I do have to wonder how busy the last two months of 2016 will be, once the election madness is finally put to bed…I figure that I must sleep whenever, and wherever I am now, because come the first week of November, I predict that we shall all be traveling at the speed of light!

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  1. Congratulations on your busy schedule. Best of luck to you in your travels. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you in any way.
    Bob Reimer

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