Cox Jet & T/P Market Report (August 2016) +1% Improvement Observed

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My Market Index shows improvement (1% increase/upturn) that also matches what I am experiencing in my sphere of operations, albeit extremely slight…merely a murmur in fact.

My index is currently tracking 34,810 Jet, and Turboprop Business Aircraft. Out of this total, 3,709 are currently for sale. This equates to 10.655% of the entire fleet, being available for purchase, which is near parity for our industry.

The ‘Low Asking Price Average’ is currently sitting at $6,985,214.29 U.S.D.

The¬†real measured ‘Percentage of Aircraft For Sale’ (as represented by the Cox Index), is actually still high at 15.15%, but it does to be dropping.

Average Day’s On Market’ is running at 252 days (from listing, to closing of sale.) – Our (JetBrokers, Inc.) ¬†average is actually running at 190 days.

Of course the Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to climb. The International Monetary Funds Special Drawing Rights (SDR) units versus the U.S. Dollar are stalled at 0.66. The Bank of England dropped its LIBOR rate to 0.41%. West Texas Crude Oil continues its drop, down now to $41.93/barrel. Lastly Gold has seen a slow creep-upward, and is now sitting at $1,345.65 per Oz.

Here are the Graphs…



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