JetBrokers Market Up-Date – Year-End Round-Up for 2014

The sign of a normal stable used aircraft market is when 10% of the active fleet of a specific make and model is available for purchase at any one time. During the downward flinging depths of the Global Financial Crisis, some specific makes and models of aircraft where totally out of normal when their ‘for-sale’ statistics were seen in the 60%+ ranges. Borrowing from the terms of the stock market, anything seen above 10% is comparative to a ‘Bear Market’, versus anything below 10% being a ‘Bull Market.’ Today there are 52,790 active business aircraft and helicopters in operation around the world. Of this active fleet, there are 3,899 that are available for purchase in a used condition. If the active fleet number of aircraft/helicopters available (3,899) is (52,790) then the current active fleet percentage of for sale aircraft overall is a tad over 7%, which is really healthy now.

To provide further insight into specific business aircraft market sectors, please see the following statistics (I have excluded Helicopters)…


13,608 active

1,055 for sale

7.75% for sale

$1.26M Average Ask

1989 Average YOM

7,030 Average TTAF

Light Jets

8,000 active

891 for sale

11.14% for sale

$1.5M Average Ask

1991 Average YOM

6,053 Average TTAF

Medium Jets

6,800 active

781 for sale

11.49% for sale

$3.6M Average Ask

1994 Average YOM

6,382 Average TTAF

Large Jets

5,638 active

556 for sale

9.86% for sale

$15.0M Average Ask

1998 Average YOM

7,191 Average TTAF

The Federal Reserve is hinting that the Interest Rate may increase in Q2 of 2015; a sure-fire indicator that our domestic economy is definitely healthy again. Also Japan and Europe are predicted to see significant recoveries in 2015. The performance gap between the U.S. and these two markets will finally begin to narrow.

The year-end statistics for JetBrokers are as follows:

32 aircraft bought and sold            7 Aircraft Deal-Pending before Year-End

8 Citation Aircraft                            22 Jet Listings Available

5 Hawker Aircraft                            4 Turbo-Prop Listings Available

4 Learjet Aircraft                              24 Jet Aircraft SOLD

2 Falcon Aircraft                               3 Turbo-Prop Aircraft SOLD

2 Gulfstream Aircraft                                   5 Piston Aircraft SOLD

2 King Air Aircraft

$106,000,000+ of inventory sales. 3 Transactions per month Average.

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