Out with the Lamb, and in with the Lion; And I like Rich People too!

Out with the Lamb, and in with the Lion, is truly what we all want to see in this New Year. 2010 proved to be the year everyone took a very, very long holiday. There really was not a lot going on for most movers and shakers, many of whom just spent the year resting and hiding out, instead of ever getting into their usual ‘making things happen-mode.’

There was, and still is much discord surrounding the governing regime in Washington, here in the U.S.A. The concept of Government provided healthcare is not a pill that most Americans will ever be willing to swallow even if it was a magic cure, and yet this enormous mandate was crushed up and fed to the U.S. hidden in everyone’s cornflakes.  It wasn’t a case of some pork being hidden in this Bill; instead it was more of a case of a reform bill being hidden on a pig farm!

Britain ended up with a two-for-one as Prime Ministers go, while earlier in the year Germany chose not to exercise its power during the Means Testing of all of Europe’s major banks, by forcing the European Union to kick out Greece, Spain and Ireland from the Euro Currency, to name a few. Fortunately this Teutonic group has lost its taste for World War. Or maybe it is just because they no longer can afford to play?

China is now the most desirable of all of the princesses at the international ball. Her dance card has been full the entire year, while China’s confused but rich sister: India has been showing her sister what has always been possible. The Arabian princesses didn’t make it to this year’s ball.

Unfortunately it appears that North Korea did not receive the special memo that told it to sit in the corner like a good boy, and most importantly to just stay and be quiet. Instead this precocious child has been making a total nuisance of itself. It is a shame that it can’t learn from its evil cousin: Iran, whom even though it has been whining a little bit about nuclear sabotage at its refining and enrichment plant, all-in-all Iran has instead learnt to be a quiet rural cousin instead, all this past year.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. This was the year of the World Cup. It looks like most people on this planet have also quickly forgotten about it too. Maybe FIFA is finally fading into the background like the IOC has the past several Olympics?

In the first part of the year we saw that the tally between the World and Rwandan Pirates was:  World – 0 / Pirates – 5. This now seems to be fixed and it is again not such a good idea to freeboot off the East Coast of Africa. Sir Francis Drake would be most disappointed if he were still alive.

Fortunately for all of us, it does appear that the miserable period of Politically Correct Austerity is finally drawing to a close. The Gross Domestic Product of the U.S.A. is up by $300 Billion, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has pretty much left it deathbed and appears strangely to be in excellent health (9,650 in June of this year; today it is closely pushing 12,000 points.)

2010 was also the year for the roll-out of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protect Act. Now every-one of us can sleep soundly in our beds, comfortable that the World’s financial house of cards shall never topple again due to corporate greed….goodness no, that could never happen again, right?

This past year became famous for being the year that the federal government starting to turn the screws on their ancient and rusty inquisitions torture engines. Fines and Civil Penalties meted out by various branches of the U.S. Government, all reached the proportions normally seen only in the size of the balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The mantra that we shall all be pretty good at saying by the end of 2011 will be: “Help Yourself” as we stand holding our respective wallets open to whomever decides that they are legally and governmentally mandated to take a dip.

1917 really wasn’t a great idea unless you of course you happened to be a Bolshevik. I hope that we don’t see the same sentiment emerging here thanks to the fact that we have seen the normally steady-un-employment figures more than double since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC.) 4.6% un-employment in 2007; now at almost 10%…Ouch! Much of the World went with the call for the politically correct sense of Austerity and pulling, or holding back from any activity that might be construed as being pleasurable, profitable, or fun. Now instead it seems to be open season on rich people. For this I am truly sorry. I like rich people. They pay my wages. Mr. Obama please listen-up; Leave the rich people alone…Okay?

Even though the Dow is looking quite healthy, the value of Gold and Silver seems to speak opposite. We started the year at $1,090 and $15 per ounce respectively. We shall be ending this year at somewhere around $1,415 and $30 per ounce instead. Maybe the very-very-very low interest rates shall start bringing investors back into concrete, bricks and mortar, instead of these jewellery metals. Our biggest enemy however, is probably that sneaky commodity derived from dead dinosaurs. It has been creeping up in price since the summer, and unless we rattle our sabres against our saddle pommels while sitting atop our horse on the lawns in Arabia and Central America, the misery of ‘GFC’ might decide to unpack its dirty laundry, and overstay in our house too many months ahead to even count.

With all of this said, here follows the ‘Short and Long-Term’ graphs that show the Cox Jet Index.

Happy New Year!

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