May 15th, 2010 Is the ‘International Learn to Fly Day’

This May 15th is the ‘International Learn to Fly Day.’ General aviation pilots are called upon to do their part to promote personal flying on ‘International Learn to Fly Day.’ May 15th was chosen as the day to focus on generating interest in learning to fly.

As suggested by the Experimental Aircraft Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, here are a couple possible ways for everyone to chip in.

• Offer a first flight: consider asking a non-pilot to go for a ride. Ideal candidates are family members, teachers, neighbors (especially airport neighbors), local business leaders and/or politicians, news media, and more. Keep the flight simple and avoid showing off with steep turns or extreme maneuvers of any kind.

• Organize airport events: open the doors and fences of your airport to family, friends and neighbors. Show them the ramp, hangars, flight planning areas and best of all — the airplanes. If enough people become involved, the event could turn into a barbecue/open house. It could even evolve into an annual event.

As current aviation industry figures, we must all do our part as mentors to both encourage and promote younger generations to come into our industry, otherwise we shall see our businesses start to shrink.

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