When was the last time you had a truly civilized aviation experience?

I just had to steal the following paragraph from Tyler Brûlé’s Weekend Column at the FT, because it so succinctly asks the ultimate question….”When was the last time you had a truly civilised aviation experience? I’m not talking about having your expectations slightly surpassed because the dispatchers managed to get the doors of your Embraer E-jet closed on time or your luggage was the first to tumble on to the carousel; I’m thinking more about being properly floored by a set of experiences that restored your faith in flight. Was it back in the days when your company still owned and operated three Dassault Falcons that you could occasionally hitch a ride on? Was it when Concorde still zoomed across the Atlantic and you’d cheat time and your own internal body clock to arrive in New York before you left London? Or were you happiest when airport security meant nothing more than a quick wave of a handheld metal detector and you could carry on as much as your frame could manage?”

Unfortunately The Transportation Security Administration’s revised Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) has been passed from TSA to the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS), beginning the vetting process prior to being published as an NPRM, possibly this fall (2010), says Brian Delauter, TSA’s general manager for general aviation (from Aviation Week.)

One of the following things will happen by this-time next year:

  1. The new-revised LASP shall have been passed, and all Business Aviation Travellers shall have to be vetted by the TSA/Airport Security (even part 91, right?) before they can board their own aircraft.
  2. The industry shall again be able to push this rubbish proposal back down into the hole whence it always seems to emerge from.
  3. You move to another country.

Only time shall tell on this issue. Either way, we all know that the Airlines are the last option any of us are going to select, while private aviation is the number-one choice.

Rosen up your nibs and pencil leads. We shall have another fight on our hands before our next Halloween holiday is here.

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