Maybe it is envy?

Since the days of the TARP, Business Aviation has been under the spotlight by various politicians, the media, and some of the ‘great unwashed’ also. It has been pretty evident that the popular media pretty much hates us; the man and woman on the street hates us; even many elected representatives in Washington hates us. But I would contest that it is less hate, and instead is more like envy.

We represent a transportation system that still allows for its passengers to drive up to the door of their waiting aircraft. Once seated their ‘flight’ starts and taxi’s for take-off, all the while the much envied riders can still ‘yack’ on their cell phone, eating or drinking whatever they like. Carrying whatever they need to bring with them on their trip. Going bear hunting in Alaska? Don’t mind my Winchester 44-40 carbine over there. Going to a vintage wine auction in New York? Don’t mind my case of 1787 Chateau Lafite behind my seat; I’m feeling rather stinky, do you mind if I go in the back and take a shower while we are leveling off? Oh while I’m gone, would you like to bring out your Theuns Prinsloo Timmra folding knife and do some wood carving, so you are completely relaxed before they serve our dinner to us?

And why not, eh?

This makes the airlines really hate us too.

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