Published in 1973…

Published in 1973…


Washington – Public survey indicates 59% of the U.S. populace does not remember ever hearing the term ‘General Aviation.’ But 43% favours funding the air transportation system through a combination of federal taxes and user fees.

The sampling taken by opinion Research, Princetown, N.J., also indicated that of the 41% who claimed they were familiar with the term ‘General Aviation,’ “very few have a clear understanding of its intended meaning.”

In spite of the lack of public knowledge of the ‘General Aviation’ designation, the survey discovered that 41% of the public had actually flown at least once on a ‘General Aviation’ Aircraft.

The survey brought other data on the public’s attitude toward ‘General Aviation.’ According to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, which initiated and funded the survey:

  • After hearing a definition of ‘General Aviation,’ public attitudes are highly positive toward its social and economic value to the nation.
  • Most people who claim to have heard the term ‘General Aviation’ equate it with air travel in general, including large scheduled airlines.
  • About 50% of the public believes that ‘General Aviation’ is a safe mode of travel, while those who have some reservations on its safety appear to be concerned about the safety of flying in general.
  • About 75% of the American public believes that ‘General Aviation’ provides important social or economic benefits.
  • Almost all persons are aware of their local airports, and the majority claim to live within 15 miles of the nearest airport serving ‘General Aviation.’

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