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As you may have learnt from your perusal of my profile, my name is Jeremy Cox and I am a professional aircraft broker at the JetBrokers, Inc. Brokerage Firm which is based at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport (KSUS) on the outskirts of the City of St. Louis. This City is known as the Gateway City thanks to the exploits of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark between the years of 1804 to 1806, who thanks to the then President: Thomas Jefferson, were commissioned to find a navigable route by water from the Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to the Pacific Ocean. Their expedition proved to be succesful, and hence there is a fabulous stainless-steel and concrete architectural monument that was erected in celebration of their exploits: The Gateway Arch.

Okay so I digress a little, but unfortunately most people, especially those who wield more power than they deserve, rarely, if at all, doff their hat to history. If you become a follower of my personal insights into the World of used business jet aircraft sales, then you will become accustomed to various references to history in this my own blog.

Why have I chosen to write a Blog? Since late 2008 I have been producing and distributing a Used Aircraft Market Condition Report to a select group of people who I know personally. Now I feel that this information needs to be shared because as an industry, General and Business Aviation is naturally “a bit cagey” about sharing information, data and statistics, which is partly, in my opinion, why we have been taking so much flak from the media after General Motors caved in on Capitol Hill and they were confronted over their decision to use a business jet aircraft to get to Washington D.C.

Regardless of the recent foibles in our failure to communicate as an industry, I hope that this Blog contributes at least some positive press and understanding of this fascinating industry, in a way that may not necessarily have been available to a reader before now. Fortunately there is a gathering movement of General Aviation (G.A.) Insiders who are rapidly growing and gaining speed in their efforts to properly inform the populous on the true benefits that can be derived from being a regular G.A. User. Let’s hope that all of our messages are heard.

Moving on to the meat and potatoes…

Newsletter #3 Vol 2 – Feb 18 to Mar 11-2010

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