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‘JetBroker Jeremy,’

I help people confidently buy and sell business jets.

The purpose of this Blog is for me to provide you with my Used Business Aircraft Market Reports, as well as my general musings on Business Aviation & Aircraft Values in General. 

Private aviation consumers have earned convenience and service, and yet aircraft buyers and sellers often face a complex and unfamiliar set of tasks and challenges, and risk making errors that can cost time, money, or convenience.

I relish the challenges of providing great service and great advice as the direct interface between aircraft purchasers and sellers and ensuring a smooth, transparent, and equitable transactions, particularly those of Dassault Falcon products.

I am very active in the aviation industry, as a commercial and instrument rated pilot, A & P (Airframe & Powerplant) mechanic with an IA (Inspection Authorization) and FCC GROL Radio Operator License with Radar. I serve as the Vice President and part-Owner of JetBrokers, Inc; a professional aircraft sales company.

• Aircraft sales consultations
• Aircraft sales listings and sales services
• Purchase consultations for jet and turboprop business aircraft
• Aircraft audits and inspections (All Types)
• Aircraft appraisals
• Transaction consulting & troubleshooting
• Second Opinions
• Free, In- Person Consultations in the St. Louis Area (for Worldwide – pay my travel expenses)
• Aircraft sales listings
• Pre-purchase risk assessments
• Aircraft timeshare & jet card ownership analyses
• Professional writer. Diverse topics, but especially aviation and aircraft values

My Credentials and Mini-Biography are as follows:

  • Senior Certified NAAA Aircraft Appraiser (USPAP)
  • Aviation Consultant
  • Professional Aircraft Broker
  • Elected Technician of the Royal Aeronautical Society of Great Britain
  • Commercial and Instrument Rated Pilot
  • Certified Ag Pilot
  • Aircraft Delivery Specialist
  • FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with Inspection Authorization
  • FCC GROL Licensed Operator/Technician
  • CAA Aircraft Engineering Certificate Holder
  • Experimental Aircraft Association Technical Counselor
  • Gulfstream II/IIB Maintenance Qualified
  • Falcon 20 Maintenance Qualified
  • Published Aviation Writer
  • Author of St. Louis Aviation, ISBN #: 9780738584102

Jeremy Cox is the Vice President at JetBrokers, Inc.; a professional aircraft sales company. His duties at JetBrokers include acting as a direct interface between aircraft purchasers and sellers, marketplace research, prospecting, technical status/compliance review, pre-purchase inspection monitoring and reporting. In addition to his duties at JetBrokers, Inc. Jeremy is very active in the aviation industry. He currently holds valid A&P IA FCC Licenses and a Commercial and Instrument Ratings. In 1987 Jeremy was elected by the Royal Aeronautical Society as a Technician of the Society. He is also involved with the Greater St. Louis Business Aviation Association (serving as its President in 2013/2014); The National Business Aviation Association; the Experimental Aircraft Association; and The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Jeremy is the Outgoing ‘Past-President’ of the St. Louis Air & Space Museum. Jeremy was formally the Vice President at a St. Louis based full-service FBO and Repair Station, and Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Company. Jeremy’s thirty plus years of diverse technical and operational experience includes North Atlantic aircraft delivery experience, S.T.C. approval processing, government contract negotiation and awards, FAA coordination and extensive maintenance experience on light aircraft through Air Carrier aircraft. Jeremy has been a Director of Maintenance for several different companies and he has been employed by several airframe manufacturers’ independent Service Centers which include Dassault, Gulfstream, Raytheon and Lockheed. He also air-towed targets for the British and NATO fleets prior to immigrating to the United States from Great Britain. He is a dual citizen.

Jeremy Cox Senior Certificate

Jeremy Cox B A Certificate

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